Nomination in Niantic Review wrongfully rejected as duplicate

I recently nominated this "Stolperstein" - memorial plaque for H*locaust victims - and most likely because I used the bad H-word in the supporting information it was pulled into Niantic Review.

Today I got it rejected as a duplicate even though the Wayspot doesn't exist yet. Yes, there is another Stolperstein 200 meters down the road, but both title and picture make it clear, that it is a different one.

This is the evidence, that it was rejected as a duplicate by NIA. (I have also seen the Niantic Review logo while it was in voting, for anyone suspicious of the plugin)

And here are all the nearby Wayspots with their images on Intel. The green X marks the approximate location of the Nomination:

Lastly, here's a link to the Intel map if you want to check for yourself:,10.912975&z=19

@NianticGiffard @NianticAaron @NianticAtlas Any chance this decision by your review team might be overturned? I would like to avoid using an appeal on such an unnecessary rejection and I fear an appeal might just lead to another duplicate rejection if it goes to the same people.


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