Neubrandenburger Keglerverein

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Title of the Wayspot: Neubrandenburger Keglerverein

Correct Location: 53.532639,13.251073

City: Neubrandenburg

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Currently i'm struggling with the abusive behavior of other players. At the coordinates "53.532639,13.251073" i had submitted a mural.

The mural is real and is correctly located at the coordinates mentioned.


There have been players who have now submitted pictures of something other than the mural.


After the photo was manipulated, the location was also manipulated. Only to be able to submit the mural that represented the original wayspot themselves. See Ticket: # 19249582

As long as these false photos exist, the location can be manipulated over and over again based on the images. Therefore, please remove all images that do not show the original wayspot (the mural) in focus and ensure that the location remains in the original place where the mural is located.

Such behavior must not be tolerated. In this way, duplicates are intentionally created.


In ticket # 19300814 I told a support employee exactly that.

With what reaction? The support employee only deleted the photos from my mural!

Now the original Wayspot has been changed with the help of Niantic.

The only thing left of my Wayspot is the title and the description. Because Niantic has changed the location and deleted the photos showing the mural.

I hereby appeal all of these decisions and request that the Wayspot be returned to its original location and the mural photos restored!

@NianticTintino @NianticGiffard @NianticLC @NianticAaron @NianticOren


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    This seems really over the top to remove all of the photos.

    Now the Wayspot doesn’t reflect what it actually is.

    I suspect it’s done for photo and 👍 manipulation in GO, which shouldn’t be a thing.

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    The title clearly represents the club. This can also be read 1:1 on the glazed entrance door "Neubrandenburger Keglerverein". In this respect, the photo of the entrance area is completely correct and the Wayspot is in the correct place.

    I do not understand the arguments of the post creator at all.

    But it is interesting that his photos are posted under his ingress name "Tenkterra". The contribution however with its Pogo name "WayferMSE" takes place.

    Nothing of the mural described above is recognizable in the title. In addition, the description also applies to the Keglerverein as a club and not as a mural.

    When photos need to be deleted, it is the photos with mural.

    And the mural represents a separate Wayspot. The mural could be submitted separately.

    And I think behavioral abuse includes constantly asking for punishment from other players. I think Niantic can decide that all by themselves.

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    Since the title does not contain the word mural, photos of the entire club are fine. But what is not okay is to then change the location with the intention of submitting the mural that was originally in the photo yourself.

    I have known for a long time that you are unable to understand.

    And it's amazing, you've already been warned in the forum and yet you dare to spread private data about me again!

    @NianticGiffard Please delete my private data again!

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    There are no private data. Both players' names can be found publicly in both games. 

    It is also not part of the private data to point out that under different player names it is one and the same player.

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    I think this is about correct Wayspots, and not about the player who submitted this Wayspot.

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    Again, submitting photos is fine, but then also changing location just to submit the mural itself is an abuse.

    Because now this completely changed the original Wayspot. Especially since even the original photos are gone now. The current Wayspot has nothing in common with the original.

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    Title and description did not match the photo and location. It was corrected. There is no abuse.

    Again, it is about correct Wayspots. You of all people are an advocate for this. Why not here?

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    It was not corrected, but completely changed.

    This is now a completely different wayspot than before, because neither the pictures nor the location correspond to what was originally submitted.

    And that's exactly what I call abuse.

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    Your statement is not correct. The title and description have not been changed. And also the mural has in the broadest sense the reference to the bowler club.

    If you believe all your statements, this allows only one conclusion: It was in invalid Wayspot, which accordingly with the changes became a regular Wayspot. And also the new placement is marginal, and not completely different.

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    The new and at the same time incorrect location is so far away from the original that there is a possibility that the mural will be submitted separately. And that's exactly what you did, as I've seen. Because that was your only intention.

    Using your logic, you could have just renamed the wayspot to represent the mural and then submitted the club. But instead you manipulate an existing wayspot and totally misuse it. This is definitely abuse.

    Therefore, I demand that all changes are reversed! @NianticAaron @NianticLC @NianticOtoStar @NianticGiffard @NianticTintino

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    Great insinuation on your part. I have not submitted the mural at all. Also the postponement did not go on my cap.

    In addition, your assumptions are not proven at all.

    What can I do for your mistakes when submitting the Wayspot?

    If you had declared it reasonably as a mural, I would agree with you.

    I only saw that the titel and the description was taken 1:1 from the glazed entrance door with "Neubrandenburger Keglerverein". In this respect, the photo is also correct.

    And at the distance of 25 meters with a length of the entire building of 40 meters or more, I can not see, that here a completely new place should be present.

    Please see once that also you are not error-free.

    And also the demand for punishment for other players please leave Niantic alone. They can already judge this reasonably. I personally find the demand of punishments for other players also as abuse.

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    It's correct. Your wife implemented it, you came up with the idea. Great conspiracy you drew up there. By the way, you don't have to deny that either, because as you can see, outdated pictures were used again for the new attempt to submit the mural because you were too lazy to take decent pictures.


    The photos were fine. But what was wrong, as said, was the change of location including the removal of the images. Since this only served to create another wayspot.

    I made no mistakes at all.

    You only try to arrange everything as it suits you.

    And now stop arguing. Your bad English is giving me eye cancer.

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    I take the word eye cancer as an insult.

    Furthermore, the statement "your wife implemented..." is considered personal and private. Therefore, please delete/edit this statement.

    Incidentally, the request to withdraw the previous changes seems to be motivated only by personal reasons of the submitter. This would make a correct Wayspot invalid again.

    Besides, the bowling club as such, where people like to practice this sport, and the mural may well be 2 separate Wayspots.

    The submitter seemed on the one hand with photo and placement and on the other hand with title and description only to be concerned with allowing as few Wayspots as possible in Ligthship.

    @NianticAaron @NianticLC @NianticOtoStar @NianticGiffard @NianticTintino

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    I won't argue with you anymore, that's too stupid for me. You are stubborn, show no insight and just try to manipulate again by commenting and spouting nonsense here all the time.

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    If you had just changed the title of the existing wayspot to submit the club separately, then everything would have been fine.

    But changing the images and also the location of the existing wayspot representing the mural, just to resubmit the mural is unacceptable to me. That's not the right way. I am therefore appealing this decision.

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    The result of both variants would be the same. And one wayspot is already correct. And that's all it's been about so far. And it is only about a correct Wayspot, and not about who has submitted a Wayspot.

    I do not understand you.

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    But it is also important how you get the result!

    Manipulating an existing wayspot like this is just wrong.

    As I said, I wouldn't mind if the wayspot got the addition mural and returned to its original location to make room for the club itself. That's the compromise I would make.

    But the way it's done, that's just plain wrong.

    It is also absolutely uninteresting whether you understand that. It is important that Niantic understands and acts in accordance with the rules.

    That is why I appeal the decisions and expect the changes to be reversed.

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    With the combination of location, photo, title and description it was not at all obvious whether the bowling club with the practice of their sport, or only the mural was in the foreground. In this respect, no intentional misinterpretation or a complete modification of the Wayspot can have taken place here. Thus, there can also have been no abusive change.

    Be correct with the Wayspot submission, then no misunderstandings will occur.

    And it is not clear to me why a correct Wayspot should be changed back into an invalid Wayspot.

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    I'm not going to argue with you any further. You sound like a broken record and are unable to understand what you are actually doing.

    But since you are unable to read and understand (I know multitasking is not for everyone), here is a final explanation:


    It is also important how something takes place.

    The wayspot originally showed the mural and was also in the appropriate place. If you simply added "Mural" to the title, everything would be fine and you could submit the club.

    But converting the mural to the club and moving it there to resubmit the mural is the wrong way.

    I will not accept this abuse.

    Therefore I demand that it be undone. I submitted the Wayspot with the photo of the mural in the location of the mural and so the location should be there again along with the associated photos.

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    Your statement sounds like wounded pride all by itself. Objectivity is no longer recognizable.

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  • Hey there, @WayfarerMSE-PGO! Please submit a new Wayspot for the mural indicating about it in title and description. We will not make any changes to the already existing Wayspot which is for the club. Thank you!

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