Title of the Wayspot: [庚申塔]

Location: [36.196104/139.376903]

City: [Kumagaya]

Country: [Japan]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

A new spot was live, so I paid a visit.

I believe it is located on the grounds of a private home.

There were no signs indicating stores or businesses.

The Japanese house in the background has curtains drawn and appears to be a private residence.

Please confirm that the building is a private residence.

The important spot "Koshinto" is also located on the inside of the fence that divides the road and the private house, so I think we have to admit that this is an object inside a private house.

A private object located on a private property.

You must have registered the spot because you can see it.

Unfortunately, I do not think this spot should be continued.

Please consider this matter.



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