INVALID WAYSPOT APPEALS (Application for trespassing on private property)

Title of the Wayspot:馬頭観世音

Location: 36.173293/139.329004

City: kumatgaya

Country: Japan

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support yor claim:

Additional information:

When I went to see the new spot go live

I am happy to report that the "BatouKanzeon" is now live in the back of a private residence (privately owned).

The site may be mistaken for public land as there is no fence on the property

There are images from 2012 on Google Street View, but individuals are living there. And you can see that it is neither a store nor a business.

I think you can tell from the registered images of the spot.

I think the applicant's behavior is "I can see it, so I entered the site and applied for it. I think that's what the applicant did.

It is not a public park, and the presence or absence of a fence does not determine whether it is OK or not to freely enter or leave the park.

The road can be used by the public, but I think it is wrong to judge that a spot that is one step away from the road and inside a private residence should continue to be used.

I would appreciate your consideration.



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