Portal in protected natural reserve area

Title of the Wayspot: Smeetskruús

Location: 51.30065077412237, 5.6646644035773415


City: Weert

Country: Netherlands

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: The Smeetskruus portal is located in a nature reserve area. It is not accessible by humans anymore because the area has turned into a nature reserve part a couple of years ago. Before there was a farm and a cross (Smeetkruus portal) but this has all been removed since the area has been turned into a nature reserve area. The roads which can be seen on the maps are blocked by gates and no access signs as can be seen in the pictures. To capture the portal you have to trespass this area illegally disrupting wildlife. Please take care the the animals in this area get their deserved rest and remove this portal from the game.



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