Duplicate Report (Wayfarer only portal)

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Title: The Hydro Court

Location: approximately 54.003202,-1.551317

Harrogate, UK

Screenshot of rejection email: N/A - I'm reporting a duplicate that doesn't appear in any games, so I can't use the in game function as usual

Additional details:

Niantic have recently imported a lot of data from Courts of the World for the upcoming NBA game. However, you don't appear to have checked which courts are already in the database. This new import already exists as a wayspot, titled Harrogate Hydro Basketball Court, at almost identical coordinates. Attached below are screenshots showing this.

As the newly imported wayspot is a duplicate of an already existing POI, and the pre-existing POI has a picture and description, thus making it the better quality of the two wayspots, the new POI should be retired.



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