Please Remove Photos With Submitter’s Dog…. Again

Intro: Good day,

I recently came across a few photos while reviewing some local waypoints, and wanted to share them with you - as they all feature a clearly-identifiable dog that experience tells me belongs to a local former submitter. I’ll give some additional background after the waypoint specifics, but please do let me know if anything else is needed. Thanks in advance!

Wayspot title: Salmon Hunt


City, etc: Richmond Beach, WA, USA


Location: Newcastle, WA

Wayspot Title: Foresthill Park 

Intel Link:


Wayspot title: Marker #17 Newcastle Trail System

Intel link:


Additional Details: These are not the first photos I’ve seen from this dog/submitter…. Niantic removed several from various waypoints in north Seattle and a nearby suburb last year - more details can be found here and here . I had thought I’d found all of them, but apparently at least three were missed. Can you please remove these photos from their respective waypoints, and perhaps check what other identifiable photos the submitter might still have in circulation? Let me know if any further information is needed. Thanks!!



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