Requesting Title Edit asap

Title of the Wayspot: Stenen Speeltuin (Stone Playground, in Dutch)

Wanted Title of the Wayspot: Willem Bilderdijkhof Speeltuin (streetname + playground, recognisable name)

Location: 51.995537, 4.356829

City: Delft

Country: Netherlands

The playground has been renewed a few months ago, and the new photo got accepted and updated 2 days ago. As one can see, the old picture justified the name "Stone Playground", but it doesn't suit the new one anymore. The other wayspot next to this one, I tried for over 3 years to get its name changed, but never got anything back from the Wayfarer system. I took it to the forums and it got fixed within a week. I hope this way this one will get changed as soon as possible as well.



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