Is the appeals process not working?

Okay so recently one of my wayspot nomination which had a Niantic logo in front of the voting tag got rejected. But last time it happened it atleast gave me a appeal button. But this time the appeals button is not showing. Is it because there's another appeal going on? This really is getting ridiculous that I have to come here to clarify doubts as Niantic doesn't have a dedicated Customer care department to solve the issues of the players.

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  • SeaprincessHNB-PGOSeaprincessHNB-PGO Posts: 968 Ambassador
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    Could be 2 things:

    1) They may not let you appeal decisions that they have made themselves. I can't remember if this is true so someone else will have to verify or deny this.

    2) It may not have been 30 days since your last Appeal. I used to think it was one per month, but I think it's a hard 30 day delay between appeals.


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