Wake up and smell the coffee

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Hello and Good Morning to you all.

There are many posts here are about the community members helping each other, which is great. We offer possible answers try to help new wayfarers find their feet and provide explanations to make up for the lack of clarity in communications. This aspect of the volunteer service seems to work reasonably well. It should also be viewed as a rich source of feedback on the wayfarer process. For example repeated questions about what has happened to my accepted spot, should produce a red flag that something needs to be improved.

Maybe someone does notice, but the evidence is that the issues are ignored.

There are also several problems that wayfarers raise - large/repeated abuse, accounts resetting, issues with variability of Niantic decisions and other topics. These are all really important, they each in their own way affect the experience of volunteer wayfarers.

Each is met by silence by Niantic staff. Sorry but that is rude.

This silence speaks very loudly, creates a very negative atmosphere and affects motivation and morale. These are 2 key factors that keep volunteers going.


You need to tackle these issues.

Acknowledge each exists. It helps to know you have read the posts. And it’s plain good manners.

Say you are sorry. If someone is expressing distress at a broken system, apologising for that experience is a big starting point and it’s really easy to do.

Say what you can or cannot do. Explain what you plan to do. Say who you plan to approach to help. If there is a brick wall say so. Try to work with the wayfarers to resolve.

I’m guessing that we are not aware of factors such as a lack staffing /resource / access to technical changes / bridges to other Niantic developers etc. Being honest with the community is important to manage our expectations or otherwise we are just constantly let down. Staff just disappear without comment or even appear without a hello or idea what their focus is.

Read the posts - Experienced disillusioned reviewers are starting to walk away each time they meet a potential new wayfarer they are not going to recommend it.

in case you hadn’t noticed you are in a downward spiral and unless you do something it will get worse.

Wake up!

If you are true to form, I’m sure this will be ignored - go on prove me wrong 😂



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