How niantic demotivates it's players and stops them caring about reviewing/nominating pokestops

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I've got a pokestop approved 5 days ago and it doesn't appear in Pogo. Pokestop location is 53.432837116196865, -2.961563772162661. I don't care about their other games (rumour has it they might decide to throw that POI over there), real players know they are, to say politely, trash and they're not even worth mentioning, all I care about Pokemon go and how I can make my play experience better. The best way is to do it is to find a POI during my daily grind routes, nominate it and for it to get approved. I did all of that and, well, it hasn't been implemented in the game. And yes, I understand that they have those squares of how many stops can be in one, which is a stupid way of saying choose only one POI in this area. Just shows how this system doesn't work, rotten to the core. This will be shared with a local community and me personally, I will stop reviewing and nominating pokestops.

P.S. There are few more pokestops in the area and by the looks of it they were approved ages ago without any issues.

/rant over

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