Having trouble getting a local business accepted

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Name: Πάρκινγκ Σκαφών Αγνάντι

Description: A place for display, maintenance and parking of boats.

Additional information: Parking Agnanti (Αγνάντι in Greek) is a place to view boat all year long. It also offers maintenance and parking services. I'm sorry about the tree it's too close to the sign to get a better photo. Find out more about Agnanti here: https://www.facebook.com/agnanti.parking/

I've been trying to get this unique local business for quite a while now and I'm usually getting "temporary display" or "private residence or farm" rejection reasons. I've tried improving the additional information several times to say that this is not temporary, the place is open all year long. Not sure about the 2nd rejection reason...

This is a quite unique as this village is way out of the sea and you don't see similar places anywhere nearby. It's a nice place to visit to see boats in the middle of a hill (makes a nice antithesis).

How can I improve my nomination?

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