Are murals on the walls/fences of private residential properties allowed?

I stumbled across a number of live Wayspots which are on the walls/fences/garage doors of private residential properties. Thinking that this was against the private residential property rules, I reported them. This included:

  • Pink Dragon’s Wrath (-31.935283,115.870599)
  • Santa Frida (-31.93523,115.870342)
  • Lemon Tree Girl by Paul Deej (2016) (-31.935086,115.869194)

These three reports were all rejected, even though they are pretty clearly painted onto the fences/walls/garages of private residential houses. I have been rejecting similar sorts of nominations as being on Private Residential Property when I have seen them.

Is the lack of takedown from Niantic a sign that such Wayspots are allowed? And we should not consider them private residential properties?

The reason I ask is because there's about 30 more murals painted onto private residential properties in this same laneway. If they are allowed, I would submit them all. But I don't want to spend an entire month's worth of submissions if they are not allowed.


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