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My account has been reset

kgoirs-PGOkgoirs-PGO Posts: 10 ✭✭

Hello, @NianticAaron or anyone who can explain this issue to me and help me reset my account back.

Today in the afternoon I signed in with my Google account to Wayfarer and checked if my nominations were accepted. Everything seemed fine. I opened the Review tab and the system offered me to rate a nomination. I closed the browser tab and continued working.

Later in the evening, I signed in again, and to my surprise, I found out that Wayfarer wants me to go through the training program and take the test. Why on Earth would I need to do this? I've been reviewing nominations since 2019 and my rating has been fine most of the time. But OK, let it be, I thought it was a double check on me for some reason. I passed the test. BUT. When I opened my Profile, I found out that all my sats have been RESET. I have 0 reviewed nominations! That's pure madness.

While I have 0 in my profile, I still have my nominations in the Nominations tab and points in the Wayfarer medal in PoGo. Actually, the medal is proof that I DID review a lot of nominations before this issue happened today.

Why did it happen? Who can contact me on this issue and restore my stats?

I attach the screenshots (some are in Russian, as it's my mother tongue but you can tell from the page design that the page asks me to learn the criteria and take the test)

So, here we have:

  • my very old profile screenshot (total nominations reviewed — 643 as of May, 1, 2020) to prove that I had numbers in my profile and have been reviewing for 3 years. Unfortunately, I have no screenshots of recent days. This was the only one I found in my trash bin

  • the screenshot of today where I have to take the test and the screenshot of my reset Profile.

  • my Wayfarer medal in PoGo

Please, @NianticAaron, help me and reset my stats back :(

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