Please remove 10 photos containing Faction based Ingress reference

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  1. Kenneth Gideon Park
  2. Madison Tot Lot
  3. Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve
  4. Westwood Shore Trail
  5. Blakely Harbor Park
  6. Fort Ward Blakely Harbor Trail
  7. Oddfellows Trail
  8. Pritchard Park Trail Map
  9. Pritchard Park
  10. Schel Chelb

Each of these 10 portals has a photo by an account called **** containing the same blue hat with the phrase "MIFA #makeingressfunagain" which was a response by local res agents made after credible claims of widespread cheating were brought forth by local enl several years back. (This account was later discovered to be a shared backpack account but that's a matter for another forum)

Many of the photos clearly show the front of the hat with the phrase but some show the side or the back of the hat.

one showing the front:

one showing the back:

one showing the side

It is entirely possible there are other portals in this area with photos containing this hat as well, I did just a quick search based on the photo displayed on the Intel map. Any nominations made by the roundcat account in this area should be investigated.

@NianticGiffard please remove these photos and take whatever other steps are necessary against the account who submitted them.

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