PokeStops and the Ingress Map

Two days ago, I received notice that my PokeStop nomination had been accepted. It still hasn't appeared in game (which isn't unusual, I've done my research), and I was trying to figure out the Ingress Intel Map to see if it was too close or something. The location has appeared there, but I can't tell if it's too close to another or what the issue may be with porting it to PoGo. I've read things here about cells, something about being LV17 s2 ones, but I don't know how to check for that. If you need the coordinates to check the waypoint, please let me know.

Thank you.


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    In Ingress there is a distance rule which can prevent for wayspot to appear as a portal in the scanner/intel map if it's too close. You say that it's there. So next obvious reason is Level 17 S2 cell which rules which POI will appear in PoGO - only one POI per cell can be a pokestop and oldest of which will be shown in PoGO scanner. There are many resources on the topic. Look at this, for example (topic: S2 Cells, PokeStops and Gyms): https://pokemongohub.net/post/guide/pokestop-submission-guide/

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    Thank you! The map tool in the article you linked was very helpful, though it still leaves me with more questions. Based on my understanding of the cells, it doesn't seem like there can be more than one PokeStop in one? Though looking at my local area, there appear to be more stops than cells. Is this possible, and if so, can my stop nomination still get turned into one? If not I fully understand, just trying to get better information.

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    In the "old days", before too many people started trying to game the PoGo "edit a stop location" to create clusters of Gyms in incorrect locations, it was possible to have more than one Stop in an S17 cell. Many of those that appeared then are still in play and you will find places with 2 Stops in a cell. However, when Niantic introduced "new" rules regarding location edits to prevent cheating and location abuse, they also brought in the "Only one Stop per S17 cell" rule for new Stops, so this is how it works now. Note this also applies to location edits of existing Stops and Gyms - anything moved by an edit is treated as "new" and the new rules apply, so moving Stops can make them vanish from PoGo.

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