PoGo vs Ingress at war…

I know the ingress player radius is smaller than the new increased radius of PoGo. Therefore, it is more crucial to have ultra accurate POI locations for Ingress so the POI can be accessed easily. However, as PoGo players have a larger radius, accuracy isn’t that important - BTW I am only talking about being 1 metre or so off. As we know, PoGo can only have one POI in a S17 cell, therefore, sometimes when submitting I make sure the POI falls in its own S17 cell i.e. instead of being right at the front door of a quirky cafeteria, I’ll set it about 1 or 2 metres back from the door (still in the cafeteria mind you). However, in review the POI gets location edited and moved back to the front door for example! Then once accepted, it only appears in Ingress and not PoGo - I can’t tell you how frustrating this is; as I try to make PoGo better for the community but fail! I feel if a reviewer tries to move a POI by just a metre or so, it shouldn’t allow them; or it should be pushed back to the submitter to accept or reject the location edit. Does anyone else feel my frustration?



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