In Voting For Several Weeks / Months.. Solution?

I know this has always been an issue and one I think everyone would like solving or atleast easing. My Question is : Would Nominations that have been In Voting for over several weeks, benefit from then being put out to a wider reviewing radius / Set as a boosted semi upgraded state to speed up the time once an Time in Voting limit was met, to get contributions through the system and a decision made. 👍

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  • Aquablast64-PGOAquablast64-PGO Posts: 230 ✭✭✭✭

    Several Weeks / Months? Try several years for some people. (I almost never have a non-upgraded nomination that is not in voting for at least a month.)

    They have addressed backlog much times before.

  • Kamma6dk-PGOKamma6dk-PGO Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Strange. Mine is only in voting for a day or two.

    "benefit from then being put out to a wider reviewing radius" when i review, i mostly review places in Germany, Sweden and Poland. And i live in Denmark :-)

    So i review places more than 500 km away.

  • MargariteDVille-INGMargariteDVille-ING Posts: 2,665 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Long-waiting (limbo) nominations have been a problem for over five years. Here's what we have so far. (Let me know what I missed.)

    October 17th 2017

    Q55: What about the submissions in the limbo? how much they have to wait to be live?

    A55: A solution for these is being worked on.

    December 19th 2017

    Q85: Any update on limbo submissions.

    A85: Not so much an update. But things are being worked on.

    February 2018

    Q11: What’s the solution/ETA on portals neither accepted nor rejected. Many of us are waiting on these since September/October. Also in areas with enough reviewers. (Several onyx reviewers in both factions)

    A11: According to NIA OPS, some POIs might require more votes than others and we can't share a timeline on when specific Portals will go live. The general issue surrounding portals “in limbo” is still being worked on. We hope to resolve this in the next several months.

    April 2018

    Q3: Hi! What should we do with limbo portals? Resubmit it or waiting for solution?

    A3: I spoke to the OPR team. By the time this AMA is published you should already have started to see Portals that were previously in “limbo” come online.

    March 2018

    Q28: Any news about portals in limbo? It is a bit frustrating waiting 6 months (for now) without answer.

    A28: I am told that we are going through a few processes and upgrading parts of OPR. We are making progress but it will take some additional time before things are all final.

    June 2018

    Q51: Will it be another run of the OPR - Limbo Tool from Niantic. Since the tool last ran, no new proposals have been accepted or rejected by me.

    A51: Can you contact me on Telegram, with information about your Portals? I would like to pass on the information so the OPR team can investigate it. 

    June/July 2019

    Q56: In as much as portals get approved or denied, additional photos that were submitted to portals have been in limbo for quite a while. Is there no way that these can be added to portal edits in OPR?

    A56: I’m told this should no longer be an issue but NIA OPS will review your account to see if something was isn’t happening as it should.

    February 2019

    Q44: Many are faced with the fact that their applications for the creation of portals "stuck" in the OPR. I have been waiting for replies to portals since mid-summer. Does this mean that the "limbo" problem is not solved and the portals disappear as before?

    A44: NIA OPS would like to know if you have received an upgrade yet or not? If the Portals were selected for an upgrade and have not reached a decision yet, they ask that you reach out to support.

    Nov 2020

    Q: Are there any plans to address the severe backlog that exists in certain communities?

    Yes! This was one of the issues that we hoped to address with the Poland Wayfarer A: Challenge, to assess whether a reviewing event tied to in-app rewards would help clear out backlogs in certain areas. We’re currently reviewing the progress from this event and will share our takeaways soon. Beyond this, we’re also exploring some backend / technical ways to address this.

    Sept 2021

    Q9. What is being done to reduce nomination turnaround times in some areas, and why is it that one area can take months or years for nomination turnaround when in many places you can drive 5 minutes away and get a nomination back in less than a week?

    A9. We’re definitely looking into ways to improve the system to reduce the decision timeframe. We agree it’s not ideal, it is too long and too inconsistent across geographies. While there isn’t an exact time frame per nomination, what we are striving for (in the redesign) is to make the decision window smaller and have a more consistent window across geographies. We are really into this idea of having a smaller group of Explorers who are ranked to be our map stewards who get to help out smaller communities, but have not finalized on that design yet, but, we’ll get there!

    Oct 2021

    A: The time taken for a submission to get into voting and to be reviewed may be affected by many factors like the backlog of submissions in the queue or the number of active reviewers in the community. Your nomination will be prioritized for a more timely analysis if it has been upgraded.

  • You are a privileged one. My submissions usually get lost in limbo and even with an upgrade they take a few days, some times more than a week.

    Oher than that, only ~50% of my reviews reach a decision, and I have always had a Green/Great classification/grade, so I have to reviews ~200 submissions to get an upgrade weeks, if not months after I reviewed them. I have never got an upgrade in 1~2 weeks reviewing even with hundreds of reviews in the same time span.

  • MargariteDVille-INGMargariteDVille-ING Posts: 2,665 ✭✭✭✭✭

    And, the math is just terrible.

    • Let's say you make 40 nominations, and any that aren't upgraded will take 1-2 years to resolve, so you want to upgrade them all.
    • Let's also say that you average one minute per review.
    • Since most reviewers have a 60-70% acceptance rate, let's say that 65% of your reviews end in agreement.

    For 40 upgrades, you'd need 4000 agreements, which would mean 6154 reviews. At a minute per review, that's 102.6 hours. If you review like it's your full-time job (40 hours per week), it will take just over 2.5 weeks to earn 40 upgrades.

    Let's say you have already successfully created 300 wayspots. And have 15,000 agreements. Doesn't matter - the math for your next nominations remains the same.

    Or you could move to where that nominations aren't slow-tracked.

    At some point, it's just insanity-based. Like Niantic sees people who review and nominate as minions.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 4,808 Ambassador

    If a significant number of those you review are also in slow areas it can take awhile for the agreements to be reached - another lag in the system

    From reading the previous responses it seems to be they write more to basically say we have no idea how to fix this.🤔🙄

  • They need to make it so in a certain distance radius, the oldest nominations go to the top of the reviewing order and if that is consistent, then it’ll clean up the back log easier. If not many people review in that general area, they need to make it so that if a nomination sits in voting for so long that it automatically gets put in a much larger radius and put towards the top.

  • MargariteDVille-INGMargariteDVille-ING Posts: 2,665 ✭✭✭✭✭

    True, IF the problem is lack of reviewers.

    I live where there are a LOT of reviewers, and our nominations still take 3 to 13+ months.

  • KrbKrbKrb-PGOKrbKrbKrb-PGO Posts: 32 ✭✭

    Yeah, this seems to always be "worked on", but no real progress is made for some of the older nominations (I still have nominations from 2020 in queue).

    There needs to be a threshold set where if a nomination meets a certain age - no matter where the location -- lets say 6 months, it automatically goes into voting. And if a nomination is in voting for a certain number of months - lets say another 3 to 6 months, it automatically gets upgraded.

  • Losifer026-INGLosifer026-ING Posts: 202 ✭✭✭✭

    Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Weirdly my old nominations have been staying stuck, about 70 that are 1-2 years old, and all the newer stuff is going through in something resembling a reasonable amount of time. My backlog is getting cut down from the 300 something in queue/voting it was a few months ago; so that’s definitely progress. But, it would make a lot more sense for them to target the oldest ones first and work their way to the newest ones. Also, you’re right about it becoming impossible to dig yourself out of backlogs after a certain point with upgrades. I think I’ve been at that point my entire nominating/wayfarer career. I’ve used every upgrade I’ve ever gotten and I’m still subterranean.

  • DracFury-PGODracFury-PGO Posts: 146 ✭✭✭

    IIRC They work from most recent first, rather than oldest first. Again, anything In Voting for more than say, a month, should be auto Upgraded OR pushed to the front.

  • DracFury-PGODracFury-PGO Posts: 146 ✭✭✭

    I'd have to say that those older nominations you have are stuck/bugged. Maybe withdraw and redo them :)

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