Rejection reason "private property"

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hopefully not starting an exisitng discussion about that topic.

Repeatingly, I'm getting things rejected because of "private property".

I'm doing hard in understanding the difference of "single home" versus an "apartment complex".

Technically, both are considered as private property by law, so what makes an appartment complex over a single-home?

In my community we got rejections for wall installations on a single home area, but get them accepted at a apartment complex. In both cases, the candidate is accessable through a pedestrian walk.



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    OK thank you for your information. I'm playing in a different language than English, so I don't know the exact phrase. Most likekly the translation is insufficient.

    Some words to "single family": Here in my area, it's usual to have more than one family living in a house but not talking about those complexes. It's common in my area have living 2 or 3 generations in one house. So the "single family" thing seems to be not correct at all. Of course, it's being quite picky from my side, but at the same time, does it really hurt to no longer differ if it's a complex (technically still private property at all) or a single-/multi generation house?

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    2-3 generations of the same family living in one house still makes it a "private residential property".

    If there are 2 or more flats / apartments within the same building, with 2 or more separate families living there, then that is not a PRP location.

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    If it’s private, it is private. If you have to step on private ground or the wayspot is entirely on private ground, it’s a reason to reject. If only a little group has access to a spot and you can’t explore it, it is reasonable to reject.

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    Don't reject these outright - but you can score the "Safe Access" category accordingly. It's the 5th star set, counting from the top.

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    Even if there is more than just one apartment in a building, it's still private property for my understanding. As written before, what makes a multi-apartment complex over a single-family house? Both are having restricted access - usually only for those living right in that building ,but for sure not any strangers playing a mobile game.

    IMO, this "private property" thing should be more explained by NIA. Please consider there's not only this point of view that may be common in the US where you literally can get shot once stepping on someone's private property. I can see the point where to say we're not accepting someone's garden well since it's not public access at all. But a apartment complex is also not really for public access only considering the fact that there are more people living versus in a single-family building.

    Perhaps, someone from NIA (like @NianticCasey-ING?) could take care about this in the next AMA or give further details on this post?

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    This has been asked and answered multiple times spanning over 5 years, with the answer consistently being that grounds of apartment complexes or gated communities do not follow under rejection for "single family private residential property." The latest AMA reiterating this is available here:

    Just because "you" can't access something doesn't mean others can't access and enjoy it. A Wayspot existing in game does not mean local players must have access to it - there are many locally I know I'll never be able to reach due to limited access, but I have friends in some of those places who benefit greatly and such Wayspots increase the function and play for them.

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    @dracoMedia-PGO It's kind of a communication problem - Niantic should make this knowledge wider and more obvious.

    HOWEVER you don't harp on a past business "slap on the wrist", bringing it up months or years later.

    Non-lawyers from Niantic aren't going to break down the lawyerspeak from their class-action lawsuit settlement. (If Niantic had lawyers, they also would not muddy the waters by rephrasing the settlement.)

    In the U.S. the ruling is from:






    Case No. 3:16-cv-04300-JD

    Page 8

    (f) Niantic will add specific instructions to the current review form that Niantic’s user-reviewers use to evaluate new POI submissions that direct user-reviewers to increase scrutiny regarding any proposed POI that may be located on or within 40 meters of a private single-family residential property, and POI that appear to be located in neighborhood parks. At a minimum, such instructions will include directions for the user-reviewer to examine the proposed POI using a variety of sources, including but not limited to mapping services maintained by private companies such as Google Maps. After such review, Niantic will use CRE to avoid placing the POI on any property that appears to the reviewer to be a single-family residential property.

    (g) Niantic agrees that it shall manually review a statistically significant percentage of new POI submissions via a Niantic employee or contractor for the principal purpose of trying to avoid POI that are more likely to lead to issues with nuisance or trespass. 

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    You are confusing two separate issues here, or rather, you are confused over how two different Niantic criteria fit together, which may be down to the translation of the various criteria from English. In particular, the use of the word "private".

    The use of the word "private" in "Private Residential Property (PRP)" does not mean the same as the way it is used in "Private Property"

    Private Residential Property = A single family (one or more generations) living in one standalone house. Niantic have said these are ineligible, so no Waypoints in their gardens or on the walls or fences. More than one apartment in a building, then the building as a whole is not considered PRP.

    Private Property = a area with access restricted to authorised persons. These might be company employees, authorised visitors, country club members or residents of a gated aparment complex. If authorised people can come and go, then this is allowed under Niantic rules. A Waypoint need not be located where everybody can access it 24/7, provided there is the sort of access described above then Niantic have said Waypoints in these areas are acceptable.

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