[PoGo Wayspot] Request Removal of Misleading Photos


Location: 13548, 103.9288

City: Singapore

Country: Singapore

Photos to support your claim:

These are the photos currently displayed:

As shown in Google Map (Street View), the wall behind the sign (The Alps) should be smooth.

The marked photos are taken from another location, as shown on Google Map (Street View).

Additional information:

  • the unmarked photo, taken on the Tampines Ave 10, is the correct representation of the Wayspot.
  • the 03 marked photos are taken on the location next to the residential entrance (Tampines Street 86).
  • the 03 marked photos does not represent the correct location, and could be misleading.
  • you may verified my claims from Google Map, as the location mentioned was updated around 3 months ago.
  • would you assist in deleting all 03 of the marked photos?

Thank you for your kind assistance.



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