[PoGo Wayspot] Reporting Wayspot’s Photos

Wayspot Title: Tampines Green Forest Park

Location: 1.3525, 103.9291

City: Singapore

Country: Singapore

Photos Evidences:

0.0. The Wayspot that I’m reporting:

1.0. I submitted this photo approximately 2 months ago, but realized that I’ve mixed it up with another Wayspot. Will you be able to assist in removing this photo? Really sorry for the inconveniences.

1.1. As with Google Map, the picture above is supposedly depicting the residential unit besides the park. You can see right behind the signage are residential blocks:

2.0. This photo has an earlier submission date, but the photo quality is not good: low resolution, improper focus on the object, and low clarity.

2.1. This is the proper depiction of the Wayspot, and it’s in line with Google Map (street view):

Additional Information:

1.0. Details of the mentioned Wayspot:

2.0. Would you be able to assist in sorting out this Wayspot? The existing photos does not correctly depicts the Wayspot.

Thank you for your kind assistance. Have a pleasant weekend ahead.



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