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No more nominations - in voting many days

Murakami86-INGMurakami86-ING Posts: 25 ✭✭
edited September 2022 in Report a Bug

After autologout problem, that now its fixed, there is another problem. You vote 2-3 nominations and the popup message that you cant vote any more appears. The problem exists for 3 days now.

This affect also and the nomination voting period for a nomination to pass. I have a nomination in voting for 4 days now. Here in my area it takes about 1 day the most. And its upgraded too.

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  • Hey @Murakami86-ING,

    You would have reviewed all the submissions from your Hometown and Bonus locations as there are no submissions for you to review. Nominations/Edits are assigned from your Hometown, Bonus locations and your active play area based on individual performance. If there are no nominations to review, we recommend checking the site again after a few hours or days clearing the cache and cookies of the web browser.

    We would also recommend setting the Bonus location of your Wayfarer account so that you receive nominations/edits from your set locations.


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