Someone keeps removing every Wayspot he can - including eligible ones!

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Title of the Wayspot: The Stone House

Location: 42.833340/-71.643373

City: Milford, NH

Country: USA

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Someone in our community has made it their mission to remove as many Waypoints as possible, potentially specifically Waypoints made by me. At first, it was just this one Waypoint (a historic building with apartments in it) that they thought deserved to be removed with me resubmitting/reinstating it 7 separate times (including two where I contacted Wayfarer help and got it reinstated through that avenue). When that kept getting re-added, this person got frustrated and as such moved on to various other places around town, blanket-reporting stops to get as many removed as possible. He said stuff in our group chat about "keeping the game pure" and "not letting pogo players ruin his map." He has since removed himself from the community.

So far at least seven Wayspots have disappeared as a result of this person. Two of them were probably not very good Waypoints to begin with, but not horrible, and certainly not worthy of removal. Three were stops in a public park: clearly eligible. The other two were historic buildings on the register of historic places in our town: also clearly eligible as Waypoints. Idk what this person's damage is, but it's really frustrating to me, the humble Wayfarer trying to make the game and database better for the community (and Niantic), and to everyone else just trying to enjoy Niantic's games. Is there any way to investigate this person's reporting behavior? I fear they'll be relentless in their reporting if not stopped/suspended from using the report feature, and it's really discouraging to see all my effort be shot down by one person's constant reporting.

Of the other stops, I've resubmitted two of them (and had them accepted) successfully. The ones that have not been accepted I can relay as well if needed, but, honestly, I just want the behavior investigated and acted on if possible. And maybe this one Waypoint to be reinstated more permanently, because I hate clogging up the reviews with yet another submission of the same acceptable waypoint every month or two.

The trainer/agent/wayfarer in question is "nonews," though I suppose it's possible that there are other players involved.

I've included a screenshot of one of the reinstatements for your viewing pleasure. I've also included one page of the accepted submissions I have. It should be noted that the Wayspot is currently NOT in any game, or on the Intel Map.

I've heard that pinging @NianticAvocado @NianticOtoStar @NianticLC @NianticAtlas @NianticAvocado @NianticOren and @NianticVK might get this a little traction. I hope you don't mind, I'm just at my wits' end. I can also provide more explanation and photos in the comments if you'd like it.

I hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to your reply!

TL;DR - This guy keeps getting eligible wayspots removed, and I'd like to see if this behavior can be investigated.


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