Bike Lanes vs. Hiking Trails

I'm under the impression that many wayfarers equal bike Lanes with hiking trails. That is, (as clarfied by niantic for hiking trails,) they encourage exercise and hence they are eligible.

However, were I live, bike lanes and trails are usually for bikes only, and pedestrians must not walk on them. There are a few exceptions of shared spaces, but the General rule is, one must not walk on bike lanes. I figure it is like that in most countries? Therefore I see a clear issue with bike trail markers and safe pedestrian access. Can anyone clarify how these kind of biking path waymarks (which I get to see many) are to be reviewed?


  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,278 Ambassador

    In the U.K. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a bike only path.

    Bike lanes are on the road so not suitable for someone to walk on. However there is a pavement ne t to it so that is fine.

    Are the bike only ones you have isolated from pedestrians? In other words would a pedestrian be able to walk safely beside the bike lane.

  • SeVero2k-PGOSeVero2k-PGO Posts: 68 ✭✭

    Well there are different versions. Some of them are on the road and only seperated by a painted line. Others are along pavements, but seperated by a painted line. Some of them lead across the City. These can be QUitE dangerous because Bikers go at high speed and if pedestrians accedently step in the way they are at high risk to get run over. Sometimes you will find bikelanes in at countrysite that connect villages. They lead along a road like a pavement but they are also for Bikers only.

    What I often get to review thoug are biking trail markers on simple plain roads, that lead the direction to some touristic Site, for example along the "Wine Road" or some other touristic area. Often enough, there isn't even a sidewalk....pedestrians would use the road like anyone else.

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    In my opinion none of these are eligible POI, but I get the impression that many wayfarers tend to see that differently. I have read here several times: encourage exercise and hence are eligible...also I see a lot mor nominations since Niantic has made it clear that trailmarkers are eligible...

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    No safe pedestrian access is a rejection reason. It should be rejected despite fitting other legible criteria as this rejection overrides them.

    It should be that simple...

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    Rejection reasons override acceptance reasons, and lack of pedestrian access is not only a rejection reason, but also a removal reason. Any POI that you can’t walk up to should be rejected and/or reported for removal, irrespective of other arguments.

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