[Wayspot Duplicate] Request Assistant For Removal

Dear Niantic, good evening. Thank you for attending to this matter. I was doing review when I encountered the mentioned duplicate.

May I inform @NianticLC that this is not the first duplicate that I rejected (while doing review some times ago) that was approved and came online.

Here are the details:

Wayspot Title: Blk 526 Playground

Location: 1.3686, 103.9478

City: Singapore

Country: Singapore

Supporting Photos:

Wayspot Title: Boulder climbing structure

Location: 1.3688, 103.9478

City: Singapore

Country: Singapore

Supporting Photos:

Additional Information:

1. According to Google, the area has only 01 structure, which is within Costa Ris Playground:

2. When you enlarged the 02 pictures from the Wayspots, you can see that both are the same, with exact same background. However, the locations are apart. The duplicate (Wayspot Title: Blk 526 Playground) had the picture edited to masked the similarities. I'm so surprised and dumbfounded that this could get approval.

3. May I draw @NianticLC's attention on this matter. In the first place, how could so many duplicates got approved?

These members that affect proper reviewing should be investigated. It is not fair that our rating dropped due to the fact that we followed the guidelines. In this instant, who would want to do a proper review?

4. Details of the 2 Wayspots:

Would you take a look into this matter and have it sorted out? Thank you for your kind assistance.

Have a wonderful week there.



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