A public park rejected as a private residence?

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So far... some of my favorite rejection reasons.

Clearly mapped and described location in a public park rejected as "private residence" good news for the un-housed.

Publicly accessible meadow or public park with sidewalks, asphalt paths, viewing areas that the public is encouraged to enjoy on foot rejected as having "NO pedestrian access" thats why people drive all over it and I got run over while I was taking the photo!

Location with address and shown in mapping and photos "not found in real world" Google maps and their 360 degree mapping tech is a joke!

Location clearly described and shown in mapping and photos has "Mismatched Location" trees apparently can't be found in the wild... damn climate change killing all the trees

A permanent Public Lands Survey System boundary marker/benchmark and has been there for years or decades rejected as "seasonal" I guess The PLSS is a seasonal myth just like Santa or the Easter Bunny. My taxpayer dollars fund an agency devoted to this myth. The PLSS myth not Santa or the EB, they're real!

Dog Park rejected as having "no pedestrian access" Are people using cars to exercise their dogs? I must have missed the sign that said no dog walkers allowed.

Niantic Appeal response: discuss these reasons in the Wayfarer Community, you know the same group that rejected your submission!

It's always a pleasure and chuckle to read the opinions of the Wayfarer "community!"



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