Suggestion always get marked as duplicated but it isn!

I submitted Hohenthurm's knight's hall several times. each time it is rejected as a duplicate. the reviewers apparently think that the castle and the knight's hall are one and the same building, but they are 2 different buildings. In addition, the waypoint "Schloss Hohenthurm" (Castle Hohenthurm) is a fake, I have also reported this several times. Evidence of this can also be found on the website of the local home club

Please finally delete the Wayspot "Schloss Hohenthurm" because it's fake and finally accept the "Rittersaal Hohenthurm".a

Framed on the screenshots:

-in red, the "Schloss Hohenthurm" (castle Hohenthurm) (photo and waypoint in ingress are fake)

-in green, the "Rittersaal Hohenthurm" (Knights' Hall of Hohenthurm)



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