Does Niantic actually remove reported Pokestops?

There is a pokestop here that is placed inaccurately. I tried suggesting an edit, but the app wouldn't let me move the marker to the proper position. It forces itself to point to the original position. I then just reported it as being in a residential area because the stop is supposed to be a memorial park at least 1 km away from the place where it is, but it was put in a residential area.



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    I have reported several POI, and they indeed got removed or merged

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    Yes, though you may have to use the "Invalid Waypoint Appeals" section in this forum to get it removed if your original removal request is denied first time round.

    In this instance, if the Waypoint is actually a "good" Waypoint and just the location is wrong, don't ask for a removal. To prevent lots of "moving Pokestop abuse" that used to happen, Niantic will only let you submit a move request of 10m or less via the game. For longer distances post in the "Location Edit Appeal" section, or try the chat.

  • We do remove Wayspots if we have conclusive evidence suggesting that the Wayspot violates our policies. If your Wayspot report was rejected, you can appeal it on the community and our team will be happy to revisit the decision.

    Location edits are limited to a 10 meter radius. The system will not allow you to move the marker if you try to move it beyond 10 meters.


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