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One single POI in a S17 cell is not spawning in all games

x2011CLAUDIOx-PGOx2011CLAUDIOx-PGO Posts: 11 ✭✭✭

I verified that one single POI in a S17 cell is not spawning in all games.

When starting Lightship from Pokémon GO it seems the 'blue pin' (and not the 'red one') would certify the POI is visible in all Niantic games, anyhow it is not visible in Pokémon GO.

I tried to solve this issue adding likes or photos in Ingress, where the POI is present, but it is still not appearing in Pokémon.

I wrote an email to the Niantic support email, with geo-tagged pictures, screenshots and full information, in order to understand the exact reason of this uncommon bug.

Please, note this happened once in all my game-lifetime, so I assume this is a rare bug.

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