Possible for a review of a rejected appeal?

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I have submitted three picnic areas on the same park. Two were approved. The third was rejected by Niantic as a duplicate.

These were all reviewed by Niantic from the start, not the local community. The local community didn’t get chance to vote on any of these three submissions.

All three picnic areas can be seen (just) on satellite view. One of the accepted ones can be seen on Streetview too, but the other two can’t.

If you zoom in on the original submitted photos for all three submissions and look carefully at the table in each submission you can see that the markings and cracks in the wood are different on each table. I also used the secondary photos to show the different locations in the park as well as I could.

Is there any chance of a review? It seems like whoever looked at these originally didn’t look at them in detail.

Edit: the third picnic area is actually approved in the Wayfarer app but hasn’t made it into any games, even though the area around it is clear. All three have the same title because I submitted them whilst in the park and then planned to expand on the titles and descriptions when I got home. They went into Niantic voting too quickly though.

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