Indonesia Challenge - End of Challenge Summary

Hello Explorers, 

Yesterday marked the end of our Global Reviewer Challenge - Indonesia! It was such an exciting time to see so many of the Indonesia Wayspots reach a decision and see the number of participants increase day by day. Here is a quick snapshot of where we landed with those numbers: 

  • 4,654 total participants
  • 3,378 Wayspots Accepted

As I mentioned yesterday, there was a lot of feedback for this challenge. We will be taking this feedback, along with the feedback from our Ambassadors and implementing the parts that make the most sense for the upcoming challenge in mid-May 2023. We want to make sure our new Ambassadors get a say as well so we won’t commit to any of the suggestions just yet, however, we are committing to making changes to make the future challenges more enjoyable and equitable. 

With that said, one of those changes applied to this challenge will be to not only take Accepted Wayspots into consideration to reach the Tiers goals, but to also take into account the number of Wayspots Rejected. We know getting a Wayspot rejected can take as much effort as getting it accepted, so we have decided that for this challenge we will take both into consideration. How many Wayspots were rejected during the challenge? Take a look below: 

  • 3,280 Rejected Wayspots

This brings our total number of Wayspots reaching a decision during the Indonesia Challenge to 6,658! Meaning, we have reached Tier 2 of the challenge! Congratulations! 

Rewards distribution will begin this week and all rewards will be delivered by March 15, 2023. We will be sure to update you all once they have all been delivered. Please refer to our initial post for Reward Eligibility. 

Once again, Congratulations and Safe Exploring!



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