University is eligible?

I heard University is not included in School K12 and it can be eligible, but it is rejected. Many still think university is like elementary or high school (American system). High school in Europe doesn't mean high school in the United States, but university. High school in Europe is an university that we can get a master's or a bachelor's degree.


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    I can't read your language and I can't use google translator on a screenshot, but did you say in your supporting info that in your country high school means university? Is a "high school" in your country like American universities where you can look at imagery and see a lot of buildings in one small area? Our universities take up a lot of space, except for some small private ones that are just a building or two. If the property takes up a lot of space in imagery you can point something out in imagery that clarifies this is a university. Its also helpful to tell reviewers the name of the building and what subjects they teach in the building.

    I did a video on which schools qualify (linked below) and you are right, universities qualify but K-12 do not. However, dorm buildings do not qualify. I forgot to put in my video that libraries on college campuses also qualify, but that can be another video now.

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    If I have understood correctly the title focuses on the architecture of the building, but the description then starts with High School for this Music School. So it may have created a confusing picture to reviewers. So some may have misunderstood the age of people at the Conservatoire- do you think this was decided by Niantic or local reviewers? It might be that just a few made that mistake and the doesn’t meet criteria is actually the main reason it did not get accepted.

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    I can't read your language and I can't use google translator on a screenshot

    Google Lens allows to translate existing images, this is the translation of that screenshot:

    Campus Arc cantilever
    Neuchâtel NE
    Rejection Criteria
    School (K-12)
    Other Rejection Criteria
    A high school of management and a conservatory of music present an overhang that defies the laws of statics.
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    A music conservatory does not fall under K-12.

    Avoid the word school (école), as many automatically think K-12 seeing that word and will reject the nomination without necesarily reading the rest.

    And pardon my English, but my French is much worse.

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    Schools for minors are not valid - when most students are not legally adults.

    In the U.S., that's through grade 12. Sure, some 12th graders have turned 18 (legal age), but in a school for grades 9-12, most are under age at the beginning of the schoolyear, with maybe 1/8th age 18 by the end of the year. IOW it still counts as "K-12".

    The "K-12" rule applies to daycares, after-school care, camps for minors, and buildings mainly for activities for minors like Scout huts. IOW Not just academic schools. Places where parents leave their children in the charge of other adults.

    Park and apartment playgrounds are fine because parents stay with their children there. If they don't: that's on the parent, not the delegated caregiver. There is no official oversight except the parents and their delegated representatives (babysitters, grandparents, etc).

    Universities, where the vast majority of students are legally adults, are not auto-rejects. But each building is not an auto-accept either. It needs to be something eligible, explained to reviewers - same as any other nomination. Statues - likely yes. Buildings - if they're architecturally interesting. Places the public goes are good bets, like stadiums or theaters. Libraries. Places where historic things happened. Universities are loaded with good spots that are likely to pass review.

    The confusion comes because in the U.S., we call eleventh and twelfth grade (16-18 year olds) "high school". In much of the world, those grades are optional, and called "college".

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    @MargariteDVille-ING I really like the definition "Places where parents leave their children in the charge of other adults" for K-12 - very easy to understand!

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    Easy to unterstand, but not necessarily true. Parents leave their children at gyms, dance studios, gymnastics centers, etc. Also, someone earlier said dorm buildings don’t qualify. That’s not necessarily true either. Many dorms have social rooms, billiard rooms, music rooms, etc.

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    If a gym, dance studio, gymnastics center is only for children, then it would not qualify. Most have adult classes too though, which would make them ok.

    Also, wayspotting each dorm would be like putting a wayspot on every building in every apartment complex. That's boring - not "get out and explore". And it's people's private living space.

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    None of your arguments against dorms are valid. “Boring”. Many people see trail markers as boring, they are still valid. “Private living space”. They are not private single family residences.

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    Letter of the law vs spirit of the law, and deciding what you're morally OK with. If you think pokestops should be in every bedroom, even people who don't know about Niantic games - go ahead and try to push them through. Others will think, maybe 20 year olds should have some privacy. If someone doesn't play these games, they would be creeped out by someone hanging around their dorm, looking at their phone. I think people coming of age have enough problems, and they should have safe zones.

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    Just curious, where are you from and what universities have you visited? The ones I’m familiar with are huge buildings with different wings and multiple floors and multiple visitors. If a few people happened to show up playing a game, I doubt anyone would even notice, nor care.

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    This, especially that we know reviewers from bordering countries might have translation issues.

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    Qu'est-ce que vous avez écrit à "supporting info" ?

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    Haute école (high school in French) is equivalent to college or university. It is only for adults, never for minors. Porte-à-faux means cantilever in French, it is a rigid structural element that extends horizontally and is supported at only one end.

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    Looks like a fine nomination to me. I would resubmit and put "université" in parentheses after "Haute école".

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    I won an appeal. It was very clear that it was not school K-12, but university.

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    That’s great news 😍

    Thanks for the update

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    Going back through the comments here now that this has re-emerged.

    I don't think a dorm is eligible just for being a dorm-- a dorm is essentially an apartment building. Just like apartment buildings there can be things inside of dorms that qualify but I don't think the building itself is eligible just for being a dorm.

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    schools +18 are eligible. whether it is study or specialization

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    Education facilities that train people 18+ are not ineligible. But as with all submissions, we need to know what criteria each individual POI meets in order to know if it is eligible. A trash can on the campus of a University is not eligible simply because of where it is located. It still must meet one of the 3 main criteria.

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    Aw let the college kids have their fun

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