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Moved wayspot (via Wayfarer Support) still in old (wrong) location in PoGo and Ingress

AgenteAndreXXX-INGAgenteAndreXXX-ING Posts: 43 ✭✭✭

I asked via Wayfarer Support to move a wayspot (it was a 20-30 meters location edit), after few hours they confirmed they moved the wayspot. On the next sync (and nothing changed after 10 days) the wayspot disappeared from the Intel map and it is at the same old wrong location in Ingress and Pokemon Go. I asked again at the Wayfarer Support and they told me that they took another look and the wayspot is in the correct position (the one I suggested), but it's clearly not.

Wayspot name: Chiesa Vecchia Fauglia

Current (in game) location: 43.563829, 10.514201

Correct location: 43.563632, 10.513688

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