Requesting Title Changes to prevent location doxxing

I requested name change of these stops before. Because of the local community pushing certain names for the bot of our local server, they wanted street names in the title, for unique recognition purposes. These new names I propose have unique triggerwords for the bot as well, but no longer the streetnames. Since these are both reachable from home for me, it's very easy to cross-reference those street names and get my location pretty accurately from the gifts I often send out in Niantic games. Hence why I request this urgent name changing, please help me out, Niantic.

For both, city and country are the same:

City: Delft

Country: Netherlands

Current Title of Wayspot 1: Willem Bilderdijkhof Speeltuin

Wanted Title of Wayspot 1: Kunstgras Speeltuin (Artificial Grass Playground)

Location: 51.995537, 4.356829

Current Title of Wayspot 2: Potgieterlaan Speeltuin

Wanted Title of Wayspot 2: Glijbaan met klimwandje (Slide with (little) climbing wall)

Location: 51.994958, 4.3578570

Thanks so much in advance,

Trainer Triptando



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