Change description with wrongly banned word

Title of the Wayspot: Informationstafel Graf zu Castell

Location: 48.134376,11.688772

City: München

Country: Germany

Suggested description: Wulf-Diether Graf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (1905-1980), Pionier des Luftverkehrswesens, Kapitän bei der Deutschen Lufthansa, von 1948 bis 1972 Geschäftsführer der Flughafen München GmbH

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: Not possible because of error message:

Additional information:

The suggested description matches exactly the inscription on the information board:

It is not possible so suggest the change because of the word "Geschäftsführer". But this is a normal word in the German language that translates to "Managing Director":

Further references:



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