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submisson error message consumes submission allotment

000GreenBttm18-PGO000GreenBttm18-PGO Posts: 58 ✭✭✭

while submitting my last poi in pogo yesterday, i received an error message, which kept me on the final submission screen (instead of populating the typical successful submission message and exiting automatically).

i first thought maybe i used a banned word or something, tried to modify text and resubmit — same error message.

i then exited out of the "new pokestop" page completely, opened up my browser and checked my wayfarer contributions page just in case — nothing new.

i then switched back to the game, noticed i still had the full 4 submissions i had before my initial submission attempt, and tried resubmitting the poi a few more times. each time resulting in the same error message.

i eventually gave up.

about an hour later i tried submitting a different poi, and discovered all 4 of my allotted submissions had dissapeared.

checked my contributions page, and one solitary submission existed of the poi from earlier that i never got a confirmation popup, indicating it had pushed through.

it seems as though everytime i hit the 'submit' button, the action subsequently ate one of my new submission slots, even as it was populating the error message.

i've had a handful of double submissions show up in my contributions before, so I'm cognizant not to make that same mistake — but I've never had experienced anything like this.

i'm not certain whether or not this can be linked to the disappearing / ghost submission bug, as i don't think I've ever experienced that.

running android 10 on a samsung note9

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  • NianticOrenNianticOren Posts: 223 admin
    edited March 2023

    Hi @000GreenBttm18-PGO!

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Could you please confirm the following information:

    1. Is the issue still persisting? If yes, please share with us a screen recording of the issue.
    2. Have you tried reinstalling the app and checked on other devices? If yes, what is the outcome and the list of other devices used?


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