Mini library in gasstation shop.

This is not a regular full-blown library. It is also not one of those little free libaries.

There used to be a real library in our town, which was part of a regional chain of libraries. 

In the past it was located inside the local community center. (This one however was located within 20m of the church waypoint accross the street, so there was no point in submitting it.)

Then budget cuts happened. The library had to relocate and found shelter in an empty part of a primary school building. Although the library had a seperate entrance and adult people were going there all the time without encountering children, this waypoint was still rejected because it was under the same roof as the school.

Then more budget cuts happened and the library had to leave there too. Then someone got a bright idea and found a place in a local gasstation shop. There's no room for a complete library, but instead there's a place in a corner where people can pick up books they reserve online, and return them there. 

So, not a full-blown library, but still culturally important if you ask me. Still it has been rejected several times. 

Safety is not a problem here. Cyclists and pedestrians can safely enter the shop. 

What do you think? Eligible? And if so, how could I convince reviewers?

The shop is located here:


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