Location edit appeal was addressed in Ingress but not PokémonGO

Title of the Wayspot: Rouge Valley Interpretive Garden

Location: 43.819134, -79.170268

City: Toronto 

Country: Canada

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

I submitted a location edit for this wayspot back on February 10th. The location of the wayspot was fixed in Ingress but not in PokémonGO.

Here’s the link to the original post:


I was back at the location on Feb 25th and the pokéstop was still in the old incorrect location, despite the fact that @NianticOtoStar reported that the location had been corrected on Feb 17th.

Can someone please make the location edit in PokémonGO as well? I tried tagging multiple Niantic employees in the original post thread but nobody responded.

I would also like to understand why the location was fixed in one game but not the other so that this issue can be avoided in the future. I don’t think anyone should have to submit multiple location edit appeals for the same wayspot to get it moved in each separate Niantic game.



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