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I go to a lot of trouble to not have people in my main photo.

But some time back I had a nomination rejected for someone in the photo. And I went back to go through it and I realised the only person was only in the supporting photo and could not be identified in any way whats so ever. I mean distance person miles away.

I remember not even noticing them when I took the photo.

Were they being difficult or am I being sensitive?


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    Definitely difficult. Some people are too fussy, but remember it only takes one person to select that for the reject reason to appear on the website. It's okay for them to be in a photo so long they aren't identifiable, and even in the supporting photo, no problem at all!

    There was one certain trail marker where the reflection of the trail marker was so clear, you could see the submitter's reflection and him giving the thumbs up. It made me happy, so I five-starred it anyway.

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    Thank you @HaramDingo-ING and @Elijustrying-ING

    Yeah. In the end I should have been more aware and removed the potential to cause issues. I do generally :-)

    I was just intrigued. And to be fair had they not noted it I would have been none the wiser. So yes to paying more attention

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    When I nominate a community center, I struggle not to see myself in the glass doors.

    Transparent materials such as glass and acrylic are reflective and easily reflect human faces.

    When I introduce examples of similar reasons, the applicant is shown on the bulletin board, and in the worst cases, the applicant can be identified.

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    Have you tried taking the photos at a bit of an angle? Like standing to the side, whilst still capturing the community center? I've had to do that a few times with buildings or new photos for existing POI

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    I like to change the angle.

    I take a picture of the object and supporting information first, and make sure there are no unnecessary things in the picture before making the nomination.

    For good nominators, a good photo will drive more approval.

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    I just had this happen to me. Very surprised. Good reason to press the appeal button though!

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