Rejection Appeal: Kalpaupapa Lighthouse

Kalaupapa Lighthouse,-156.969691&z=17

This portal is completely inaccessible, and has been for many years. It is located in Kalawao County that is closed to the public by state law. It is against the law to access any part of that county, by boat, by tour, by fly-overs, and by any means whatsoever. Kalawao County is closed to the general public and commercial tours (per authority under HRS 326) in alignment with CDC and Hawaii State Department of Health guidance “Trespassers will be arrested and fined”. The National Park Service-Kalaupapa, HI - Alerts and Conditions - PARK CLOSURE. And it has been this way for YEARS now. 

The County is a CLOSED COUNTY per State Law. “ Page 8. The county is closed and the path to access the lighthouse is also closed. You can not fly over it due to its proximity to the Restricted airfield, closed to the public and tours, and boats are not allowed anywhere near that county due to it still being a leper colony. WHICH IS CLOSED TO ALL OUTSIDERS, visitors, tours, the public, etc. It is prohibited to come within ¼ mile of the Kalaupapa shoreline. Phones are even non-operational mostly due to intermittent outages with their phone lines. It is an inaccessible portal in a closed county which is a leper colony which is closed.

Please remove this portal immediately. It has been inaccessible for many years now



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