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Hi @NianticCasey-ING @NianticAaron @NianticBC-ING @NianticGiffard @NianticPooja @NianticLC

There's a place named Bhowra in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India where huge amount of wayspots abuse has been noticed. There are numerous stops which are blatantly theft from in and around of Kolkata, West Bengal and among them many have been duplicated inside the same region. I have listed down all of them as following, to the best of my knowledge:

1. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.67650301943972,86.41514386856144&z=16

2. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.671873,86.412578&z=16&pll=23.671873,86.412578 (duplicate of 1 taken from another angle)

3. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.673589,86.414865&z=17&pll=23.673589,86.414865 (real location can be clearly seen as "Shaktipur, Agarpara" written in Bengali)

4. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.675234,86.415195&z=17&pll=23.675234,86.415195 (Duplicate of 3)

5. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.670913,86.415688&z=17&pll=23.670913,86.415688 (Duplicate of 3 & 4)

6. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.676542,86.413247&z=17&pll=23.676542,86.413247 (real location is written in Bengali)

7. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.670461,86.415097&z=16&pll=23.670461,86.415097 (Duplicate of 6)

8. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.67171,86.415962&z=16&pll=23.67171,86.415962 (Everything written in Bengali and the native location is Hindi speaking area, another Fake)

9. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.677965,86.411621&z=16&pll=23.677965,86.411621

10. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.681989,86.415065&z=16&pll=23.681989,86.415065 (Duplicate of 9)

11. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.67106,86.414341&z=16&pll=23.67106,86.414341 (Duplicate of 9 & 10)

12. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.679347,86.410367&z=16&pll=23.679347,86.410367 (Written in Bengali again)

13. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.673893,86.414926&z=17&pll=23.673893,86.414926

14. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.673893,86.414926&z=17&pll=23.673893,86.414926 (Satellite view is clearly not matching with Temple's top)

15. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.673222,86.413063&z=17&pll=23.673222,86.413063 (Bengali name again)

16. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.671253,86.415283&z=16&pll=23.671253,86.415283 (Satellite view doesn't show any flat filed around as compared to the image)

17. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=23.667111,86.418381&z=16&pll=23.667111,86.418381 (Duplicate of 16 with different name)

These are just few of the one I have noticed, there could be more of such abuse in and around the location. Please take necessary strong action against these wayspots along with their submitter and responsible reviewers.




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