[SUGGESTION] Implement possibility to revoke (removal) reports of a wayspot

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It would be great to have the possibility to revoke a report (within the notice from niantic).

I had the problem last weekend. During easter holidays I've seen a Pokestop which should have been a playground. But at the location the Pokestop should have been there was just a construction site without anything that looks like a playground. So I reported the Wayspot as removed. After continuing the walk I found the playground from the Wayspot picture on a different location I can't see from the wayspot location. So instead of reporting the wayspot as removed it would have been enough to report a right location. But I already got the notice from Niantic that they got my report and there is no possibility to revoke this report. Neither in the mail nor in wayfarer website. Or is there any possibility? Otherwise it would be great to implement a possibility to revoke reports.

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