Removal Request Rejection Appeal - Private Residential Property

Shilfiell-INGShilfiell-ING Posts: 1,492 ✭✭✭✭✭

Title of Wayspot: Snoopy little free library


City: Rochester, NY

Country: USA

Screenshot of Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: attached is a snippet from Street View which shows the LFL in place at its accepted location -

Additional Information: As seen on street view, this LFL is indeed located on private single-family residential property. Niantic has stated that even objects on the outer walls or fences around PRP are not eligible for inclusion: in this case, that boundary wall is a hedge. This LFL sits on PRP on the inside of the sidewalk, and the hedges are easily breached in winter. This same nomination has been proposed many times but correctly rejected until this latest attempt made it through due to abusively-lenient, 5*-everything reviewers which are operating at high speed in this city. If needed, I can go back and take some photos of my own, but in this affluent neighborhood people don't like strangers standing outside taking pictures of their houses so I'd like to avoid that if possible!


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