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Title of the Wayspot: Rãka

Location: 54.34969,18.64818

City: Gdańsk

Country: Poland

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Current name "Rãka" is incorrect for two reasons

  • it uses incorrect unicode character "ã" instead od Polish character "ę" - word "Ręka" means "hand".
  • Object on the picture is not hand but "glove" - which translates as "Rękawiczka" in Polish and "Rękawiczka" should be correct name of this wayspot. This is confirmed by the picture above showing that the wayspot is actually Cafe & Bar RĘKAWICZKA

Please rename the wayspot to its correct name "Rękawiczka"

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    This object refers not to a restaurant, but to an object that is shaped like a hand. It can be seen that the name was accepted in Kashubian and described in Polish to be understandable to both Kashubian and Polish people. KotOtaka's actions seem unnecessary and only cause confusion on the forum, which is confirmed by this post, as well as by the lack of acceptance of the fact that Gdańsk is the capital of Kashubia.


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    A group of appointments maliciously changes Polish proper names to made-up ones. Please do something about it. @NianticLC @NianticOtoStar @onecino-ING

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    Many people think that the Kashubian language is just an invention and is not a real language. However, nothing more wrong! The Kashubian language is a regional language that has been used in Kashubia for hundreds of years.There is much evidence that Kashubian is an actual language. Firstly, this language is currently considered one of the minority languages ​​in Poland. This means that people who speak Kashubian have the right to use their language in schools, offices and other public places.Secondly, the Kashubian language has its own literature and history. Over the centuries, many literary works written in Kashubian have been created, which are considered a valuable cultural heritage of the region. Many of these works were created in the Kashubian capital - Gdańsk.Thirdly, there are many organizations and institutions in Poland that work to preserve and promote the Kashubian language. Thanks to them, the language not only survived, but is still used in everyday life by many people.It should also be noted that the names of the wayspots in Kashubian fit very well with the Kashubian capital - Gdansk. Gdańsk is one of the largest cities in Kashubia and has been an important cultural center of the region for centuries. Wayspot names in Kashubian are not only an interesting addition for tourists, but also a chance to promote the Kashubian language and culture of the region.In conclusion, Kashubian is a real language that has its roots, history and culture. Despite many difficulties, the language has survived thanks to the commitment and determination of its users. Wayspot names in Kashubian are just one example of how you can use Kashubian in a creative and valuable way. Therefore, we should respect and appreciate this language and the cultural heritage it represents

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    There is no other person who plays and who cares. You are a destroyer. You should get a ban on all accounts.

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    I am glad that your posts provide us with entertainment and contribute to some fun.

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    Thanks for the appeal, @KotOtaki-PGO. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve made necessary changes to the title of the Wayspot.

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