Photo change not updating in PoGo, only in ingress despite most upvoted in both

Title of the Wayspot: [Rendsagervej lille legeplads]

Location: [55.6469370, 12.3497210]

City: [Vallensbæk]

Country: [Denmark]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [N/A]

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: The playground had most things removed, only the swings and a bench are left. I took new pictures of the swings and they updated without problems in ingress, but in PoGo the picture has been stuck for more than half a year on the old one despite not being the most upvoted.

Please remove/change the old one.

And maybe change the title, description to reflect the PoI if you can:

Suggested Title: Rendsagervejs Gyngestativ

Suggested Description: Gynger i fredelige omgivelser og meget brugt af børnene i området. Der er en bænk i nærheden til trætte forældre.

Suggested Location: 55.646991, 12.349895


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