Wrong location - needs to be moved more than 10 meters.

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Name: Stjernsunds Slott

Location: 58.85136,14.937864

City: Askersund

Country: Sweden


This Wayspot currently resides in the middle of the courtyard instead of on top of the actual castle building to the north of it.

Suggested correct location: 58.851547,14.937726


ISSUE: The satellite map on Google Maps of the area is badly warped, misplacing all the buildings towards the west, making it seem like the suggested location is not placed in the center of the main building. (See the very weird overlapping going on on the right side of the courtyard.) Below are some pictures from other map sources as well as the none satellite option of Google Maps helping to verify that my suggested coordinates are correct.

Thank you in advance for your review of the Wayspot!


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