Invalid rejected removal appeal

I have now twice asked a removal of "ViVa dogsports koirahalli" waypoint as it does not exist anymore, please see my enclosed photos. The "ViVa dogsports koirahalli" is nowadays in other side of the town of Valkeakoski, Finland and I have submitted it as a new waypoint.


  • Axino-PGOAxino-PGO Posts: 165 ✭✭✭
    edited May 23

    Hi, as a note: There is a specified format for wayspot appeals:

    "When submitting an appeal, please use the below format:

    Title of the Wayspot: [Title]

    Location: [Lat/Long]

    City: [City]

    Country: [Country]

    Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [Attach Screenshot]

    Photos to support your claim: [Attach photo]

    Additional information: [If you have more explanations, add them here]"

  • NianticRNNianticRN Posts: 860 mod

    Thanks for the appeal, @DragonFanFinn-PGO. It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted via the Scanner; at this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

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