Can't change location in app, but info here

I've been told this can't be changed because of the distance limit, but don't know -- all i know is the suggested edit in the app just jumps back to the original location.

This portal, a memorial bench, was apparently moved. I tried to upload a scan of the portal at the location reflected in the scanner map, but it wasn't there. Walking around in the same park, I found it, with the same plaque, moved a ways north, to a lovely, shady spot.

This is portal:

In Memory of Ted

Lake Shore Drive NE, Seattle, WA 98115 USA,

currently listed at: 47.675924,-122.25037

BUT it SHOULD be at: 47.676447, -122.250376

I have attached screenshots from Google maps/streetview that show the memorial plaque and bench at its current location. You can see the boat launch in the second photo to help see where the new location is.

Hope this helps! :D



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