I have questions about appeals.

I have several doubts when it comes to appealing a Wayspot proposal that was rejected (either for duplication or other reasons).

First of all, in the same automatic email they send you when you send the appeal, they tell you that you will receive an email when they make a decision and I don't think I remember that they have ever sent an email "rejecting" an appeal. Yes it has happened when they have accepted my appeal but never when they reject it because it remains appealed forever.

And the other point I don't understand is that they say that "you can check the status of your resource on the contribution management page". You can think that they really refer to the "contribution management" section but in no case you can check the status of other types of edits such as requests to edit titles, descriptions, location or other requests that can be made in the Wayspot. There is no mail notification of them.

I would like to be able to see this kind of requests as well as new Wayspot proposals.


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