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Hello Explorers,

We received reports of explorers whose upgraded submissions took longer than expected to be processed. Our ambassadors provided us with examples and evidence of this behavior and escalated the incident to our team.

Following an investigation we have confirmed the issue and identified the root cause of the problem.

Certain upgraded submissions were preventing others from being reviewed, delaying the upgrade review process.

Our engineering team is working on a fix to remedy the situation, preventing other records from entering that state. But the amount of upgraded submissions had grown from this incident and still requires some time to go back to a nominal processing rate. The team has identified means to improve the speed at which those are processed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and want to thank you for your patience. We know that Upgrades are important to you and take a lot of work to earn.

We will continue to keep you posted here once the fix has been fully applied and you can expect Upgrades to behave as intended.

Update - [06/15/2023 4:50 PM PDT]

Thank you for your patience while we worked on this new fix. The Wayfarer team has applied the fix and we can see the fix having a positive impact on Upgraded resolutions. Thank you all who have already reported seeing momentum in your Upgrades as well. You can expect your upgrades to return to normal speeds in a few hours. We are mindful that this incident has impacted the usefulness of your upgrades and we are looking at a way to identify the impacted upgrades to reimburse. We will provide you with an update on that shortly once we are sure the situation is back to nominal state.

Like always, we will continue to monitor the progress and keep you updated if we see any issues with Upgrades. 

Update - [07/17/2023 2:25pm PDT]

On May 23, 2023 we started experiencing issues with our Upgrade system that impacted your applied Upgrades during that time. We have been able to identify those impacted by the issue and will be reimbursing an Upgrade per upgraded nomination impacted per the parameters below: 

  • Your Upgraded nomination was not from one of the countries of the challenge
    • which was upgraded between May 23, 2023 and June 10, 2023, OR
    • which was an upgraded nomination prior to the period but resolved during the challenge or May 23, 2023 to June 10, 2023
  • The resolution time of the upgrade was >2 days (the time between when it was upgraded to resolve)

These Upgrades will begin being reimbursed as soon as today and will continue being reimbursed to your Wayfarer profiles in batches on a weekly basis until they’re all delivered. 

Safe Exploring! 

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